3 New Year’s Resolutions You Absolutely Need to Keep – I Know I Will

How many times have used these phrases:

  • This year I am going to…
  • Next year I will….
  • I’ll start it on the 1st….

Well, I got news for you, my friends: today is the 1st of a new month in a new year.  So, go sit down, listen well, and then go forth and change your lives with me.

3 New Year's Resolutions You Absolutely Need to Keep - I Know I Will

Resolution One: Get Moving and Get Healthy

Admit it, we’ve all said we were going to eat healthier and join a gym in the new year. Usually these ill-fated words were uttered while we stuffed our faces with holiday treats.

“This one little piece of chocolate won’t hurt me.”

“It is better for me to eat this slice of pie than skip a meal.”

If I poured lard into my gas tank, how long do you think my car will keep running? If I left my car in the driveway without touching it, care to take bets on how long it will take for it to die?

Now it may seem silly to compare the human body to a car, but from my experiences, most people will take better care of their belongings and those they love before they’ll put in the time and energy to care for themselves. Granted there are always exceptions to this, but let’s not worry about them.

So, what can you do to get up and get moving?

  • Join a gym.
  • Walk (regular or power-walking) anywhere: in your neighborhood, at the mall, with your dogs, etc.
  • Run: outside, on a treadmill, etc.
  • Go swimming.
  • Ride a bicycle.
  • Take the stairs / park further away from the door.
  • Run (or walk) up and down the stairs / use a stair-master.
  • Lift weights.
  • Garden.
  • Play with your kids outdoors.

The point is, it doesn’t take much to get more active. There is always something you can do to move more, even if you have medical or physical limitations. If you have any medical concerns, check with your doctor for personal recommendations on how to be safe.

Truth Time

2017 was a very rough, physically draining, and mentally challenging year. There were multiple deaths in the family, financial difficulties, an abusive work situation, medical issues, and a severe, very sudden lifestyle change.

Truth be told, I am not sure how I made it through without my very good friends. (Sarah, Lisa, Jessie, Nikki, Stephanie, Tisha, and Tracy: thank you guys for being my support system, even when you didn’t know you guys were fulfilling that role.)

Every effort I made to eat healthy and get fit, was gone within weeks due to stress, hormones, and illness. I gained enough weight that it is the first thought in my mind every time I sit down for a meal.

I still haven’t figure out the logistics of everything with all my life changes, but this year I vow to move more and eat healthier.

Resolution Two: Say “Goodbye”

Goodbye 2017.

No, seriously, pack your bags and get out of here.

You + Me = Hell

If there is one piece of advice that was given to me as a child that is still relevant today (and perhaps more so now) is this: Cut out what no longer works in harmony with you.

Regardless of whether it is an item, a person, a job, a situation you repeatedly find yourself in, take a moment and ask these questions:

  • Does it hurt you physically or emotionally?
  • Are you afraid to part with it simply because it has always been there with/for you?
  • How does it make you feel when you look at it?
  • Can you think of one valid reason it is still in your life? Is that reason truly worth keeping it around?

Take an honest look at the people and items in your life. If you are overwhelmed with negative or “eh” feelings about the person/item in question: DUMP IT.

Truth Time:

Remember that abusive work situation I mentioned above?

Let’s be real, only a tiny percent of the population loves their job. Sometimes tolerating it is the best you can hope for. And sometimes you wish you could muster the energy to tolerate it.

The moment I told my mother I would rather starve to death on the side of the highway than walk into that building one more time while I cried and trembled, I knew that it was time to walk away from that job. Way past time, truth be told.

I tried to ignore the warning signs, I tried to ignore how it made me feel, I tried to ignore the abuse, all because I needed a paycheck so badly.

Walking away from that job, even with the financial uncertainty it brought with it, was a life saver.

Please do not tolerate harm, no matter it’s form, because you think you have no other choices. Sometimes they really, really suck, but there is always another option. Even if it is hidden in an unlikely place.

During 2018, I vow to take an honest look at the people, items, and situations around me and purge the toxic ones from my life ASAP.

Resolution Three: Schedule in Some ‘Me Time’

If you have not already figured it out, these resolutions are all about you. Now that you are on the road to a healthier you, be sure to take the time to treat yourself.

‘Me Time’ Ideas:

  • Spend time along to recharge your social batteries.
  • Read a good book.
  • Play a fun game.
  • Watch a movie or TV show you highly anticipated.
  • Take a nice walk in a relaxing environment.
  • Enjoy a day at the spa.
  • Get your nails done.
  • Get a haircut.
  • Be crafty and make something.

Regardless of your budget, dedicate some time solely for yourself. A whole day, an hour here and there, whatever you decide, make it happen. You cannot successfully keep going if you are only living for others.

Truth Time:

I’ve had “me moments” before, times where I’ve put my foot down and refused to do something or give up doing something I’ve wanted. But those situations usually involved a confrontation of sorts, and even if I “won,” the feeling of selfishness always made the victory seem self-centered. Even when that was not true, and no one else thought that way.

There have been plenty of times where I shut my door, and ignored the rest of my family. But that wasn’t really “me time” either since it was more avoidance and less relaxing.

So, this year, I vow to make time to treat myself to something relaxing.

What do you guys think?

Are you with me and ready to make some positive changes that will have positive ripple effects in our lives?

Have you made any other New Year’s resolutions you intend to keep this year? Or have you decided to skip them completely.

5 thoughts on “3 New Year’s Resolutions You Absolutely Need to Keep – I Know I Will

  1. Jessie H. says:

    *hugs* I’m glad our talks about anime and manga helped.

    I too am going to try to get healthier this year. Grad school and 2017 were awful for my health and my waistline. Here’s to us getting healthy!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Stephanie R says:

    I agree that 2017 sucked and I think these are great ideas. I’m sure this is the start of a great year for you! I’m glad I was able to help and wish I could have helped more. Here’s to 2018 being a better year for all of us!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Lorryn says:

    I hope 2018 is so much better to you than 2017 was! It was a rough year for me and my family as well. 2018 is already starting to look up in ways I didn’t think would happen just yet.

    On my personal healthy side I’ve just started out with cutting out pop and I’m going to cut back if not out fast food too. I haven’t had a pop all year and even though I really want one (stress makes me want it) right now I haven’t given in.

    I really love “Cut out what no longer works in harmony with you.”

    Liked by 1 person

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