My Traveling Plans on A $0 Budget

Many years ago, I participated in a reading challenge to read books set around the world. It was so long ago, I can scarcely even remember who started it, and if I successfully completed it or not.

This year, I have this strong urge to travel. Though I long to go to places such as Scotland and Ireland, realistically I know I cannot travel anywhere right now.

So, I am going to cheat a bit.

My Traveling Plans on A $0 Budget

With a travel budget of $0, I am going to take a trip around the world through books, movies, games, and more.

The map below will highlight all my destinations.

I will try to be as accurate as possible with the locations and sites that I see. But with movies and television, I know that they are not always filmed where they say they are. (If they are even filmed off a movie set at all.) Therefore, I have decided that if they say they are one place, I will say that was the place I visited.

So how does that work with fictional locations?

Well, my guess is that I’ll tag a random spot in the ocean and declare it that fictional world. I thought about not including these locations, but then I decided it might be fun to see the fictional places I visit too.


Throughout the year I will be sharing with you the status of my adventures. Expect some reviews, maybe images, and quite possibly some facts I discovered about the locations. *Translation: Googled*

I hope my travels inspire you to take a trip of your own through a work of art.

Come fly away with me.

4 thoughts on “My Traveling Plans on A $0 Budget

  1. Stephanie R says:

    This is a really cool idea!

    And like Emily Dickinson wrote:
    There is no frigate like a book
    to take us lands away
    Nor any coursers like a page of prancing poetry
    This traverse may the poorest take
    without oppress of toll
    How frugal is the chariot that bears the human soul

    I’ve always loved that poem 😉


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